The Recovery for Life Campaign is a $13.5 million endeavor to build a new Welcome House Recovery Center on our current site in Kansas City. On most days, our  more than 100-year old structure operates at capacity and frequently has a waitlist for admission.

A Modernized Center to Serve More Men & Families

To accommodate demand, support our expanding recovery and rehabilitative program, and better serve clients, Welcome House originally launched a $10 million campaign (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) to build a new recovery center.

The campaign budget has since increased by $3.5 million with several unforeseen factors – inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and supply-chain issues – prompting the added project costs.

Campaign Update:

Thanks to our community’s generosity, Welcome House has successfully raised $10.5 million of its $13.5 million goal. Construction is underway on the 28,000+ square foot facility and our fundraising continues! Every dollar raised will minimize the debt Welcome House will incur and sustain our strong financial position.

Many thanks for your generous support!

Want to learn more about giving opportunities or ways to be involved in the campaign? Please contact Vice President of Administration Christy Wineland at 816-472-0760.


Our generous community united for $2M Challenge!

In April of 2022, Welcome House reached an important milestone inthe Recovery for Life Campaign. Thanks to our kind and generous community, Welcome House secured gifts and pledges needed to fulfill the Mabee Foundation’s $2 million challenge grant.

Mabee’s generous grant, along with gifts and pledges from individuals, foundations, and businesses, helped us hit the $10 million mark and significantly advance our campaign.

But we haven’t crossed the finish line!

Our work continues as we seek gifts from our community – contributions of all sizes – to raise the remaining funds. 

Contributions may be shared as a one-time gift in the form of cash or other appreciated assets such as stocks or mutual funds, or pledged over a period of years. To learn more, please contact Vice President of Administration Christy Wineland at at 472-0760.

Welcome House Recovery Center Groundbreaking

June 23, 2022