About Welcome House

For nearly 50 years, Welcome House has been committed to providing a high quality, moral, and open residential program to recovering alcoholics and drug-addicted men facing reintegration into the community as productive citizens.

Most men arrive at Welcome House with no money or job; no support system; no driver’s license, state identification or a Social Security card; and frequently does not have current verifiable employment history. A significant number face poverty, homelessness, legal consequences, and marital or family issues.

The primary requirement for admission to Welcome House is a sincere desire to be sober and change one’s life.  Here, residents have access to a safe and structured community environment, on and off-site recovery meetings, recovery coaching and mentoring, peer support, educational workshops, and a Rehabilitative Jobs program.

Since its founding in 1971, Welcome House has held over 44,000 12-step meetings and helped almost 17,000 men who were powerless over alcohol and drug addiction. It has truly become a vital recovery resource and a “community safety net” for Kansas City and the surrounding area.