How Welcome House is safeguarding health and safety of residents, staff, and volunteers during COVID-19 pandemic.

Those in recovery from Substance Use Disorder still need support no matter what events occur in the world around them – if anything, their needs increase when fear, uncertainty, and anxiety levels rise. It’s critical that everyone with a sincere desire to recover can still find the support they need to live a long, sober, productive life.

Welcome House remains open and operating amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Effective August 1, 2020, Welcome House will accept new admissions on the 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd of each month.  Newly admitted residents that have not come from a confirmed quarantined environment, such as a partnering agency, will be required to be quarantined within the Welcome House facility for the first 14 days of residency.

In addition to more frequent cleaning of surfaces and practicing social distancing, our organization has conscientiously adjusted programming and operations to keep our residents, employees, volunteers, and partners safe and healthy.

We have eliminated all “large-group” recovery meetings, “large-group” rehabilitative sessions, and the monthly all-house meeting.  Smaller and more frequent meetings and sessions are being conducted, with attendance limited to 10 or fewer individuals.

Visitors are only allowed on Sunday afternoons and limited to a specific timeframe and designated area.

The basement residential space continues to serve as the quarantine area for new admissions and/ or existing residents that may become symptomatic.

Along with our residents and volunteers, the health and safety of our professional staff is also of significant concern and we have taken actions to minimize the potential risk of exposure and spread of the virus.  An alternative professional staffing schedule allows us to maintain essential program support requirements. As always, we are in agency-wide communications to ensure our employees and residents are kept informed and engaged.

Most critically, we are here for those we serve. We are here to carry out and fulfill our Mission, and we are responding to our residents’ and their loved ones’ concerns on their journeys to recovery and restoration.

Finally, many residents have lost their jobs due to the current situation and we will not let that impact their participation or pursuit of recovery at Welcome House. Staff will continue to support resident employment through our Rehabilitative Jobs program and also help eligible residents to identify and apply for unemployment and other benefits as they become available and/ or eligible.

Additional interventions include:

  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of all public areas and equipment
  • All residents, staff, volunteers and visitors required to wear masks
  • Eliminated self-service meals and now serving meals in shifts to limited numbers of residents
  • Implemented “virtual” recovery, rehabilitative and coaching session capabilities and options
  • Monitoring for symptoms, including temperature screenings 2x daily, and all residents required to notify the professional staff immediately should they become symptomatic

If we can answer any questions or concerns, please reach out to or call 816.472.0760.

Residency Requirements

Sincere Desire

The primary requirement for admission to the Welcome House is a sincere desire to be sober and change one’s life.

Detox & Continued Abstinence

Complete abstinence from the use of alcohol or other mind-altering substances is required of all residents. Clients must be detoxed before admission. Welcome House does not have on-site medical facilities necessary for detox.

Program Participation

AA/NA meetings, lay counseling sessions, care team, Welcome House University courses and active program participation is required.

Employment & Volunteerism

Residents of Welcome House are required to seek and maintain employment and participate in volunteer activities. Job search and networking assistance is available.

Length Of Residency

Residents of Welcome House should plan to be in the program for 9 months. An extension of up to 3 additional months of residency is available by application and approval. Residents are not allowed to remain at Welcome House beyond 12 months.