Behind every addiction is a story.

Somewhere in our community, a man is struggling to get his life back. A life free of alcohol and drugs. A life free of the pain and destruction that shadows his addiction.


Thankfully, there’s a place called Welcome House – a place that for 50 years has helped men in Kansas City write new chapters of recovery, hope and miracles in their lives.


Through evidence-based practices in rehabilitation and a holistic approach unique to each resident, Welcome House changes lives for the better. The reach of our program extends beyond just the men challenged by addiction, but impacts the lives of their families and loved ones as well.

Recovery Programs

Recovery For Life Campaign

Over the years, Welcome House has been multi-purposed as a residential facility, entry-intake location, 12-Step meeting venue, office space, jobs and skills training area, and gathering place for our many programs. As a result, there is not enough space to support the current programming, increasing demand, and future growth.  Additionally, the more than 100-year old, 80-bed structure is deteriorating and is in need of costly repairs and renovations.


To help close this gap, accommodate demand, support our expanding recovery and rehabilitative program, and better serve clients, Welcome House has launched a $10 million campaign to build a new 28,000+ square foot Welcome House Recovery Center and therapeutic residential facility.

About the Campaign

Here’s to 50 Years of Transforming Lives

Want to see for yourself how Welcome House transforms lives? This year’s Welcome House feature video takes a glimpse into the lives of men who once knew the depths of despair because of their alcoholism and addiction.  Take a look at them now!

Here’s to 50 Years!

We’ve come a long way since 1971 – the year Welcome House got its start in Kansas City. President and CEO Jamie Boyle shares how it all began.

About Welcome House 

Welcome House is a residential, not-for-profit, sober living recovery provider. We support and empower alcohol and drug-addicted men to live a healthy and productive life free of alcohol and drug use.

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Core Recovery Program 

Welcome House programs are evidence-based, focusing on responsibility and personal accountability. Recovery and rehabilitative plans are unique to each individual and emphasize building supportive relationships.

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