Let today be the day,

you give up who you’ve been,

for who you can become.

Sober Living Recovery at Welcome House

Welcome House Sober Living Recovery uses a compassionate, person-centered approach in providing substance and alcohol abuse recovery for adult men. Programs are built upon research-based therapeutic modalities and 12-Step recovery principles that empower residents.

For almost 50 years, the Welcome House has provided a safe, structured and supportive environment where residents focus on personal accountability and responsibility.  More than 17,000 men have benefited from our programs in their battle against substance abuse disorder, alcoholism and addiction.

Through the development of individualized plans in the Core Recovery Program (CRP), rehabilitation is specific to each resident’s addiction circumstances, helping them focus on their individual needs.  Basic guidelines of recovery at Welcome House require that residents must:

  • not drink or use (zero tolerance)
  • attend meetings
  • have the support of a Sponsor
  • secure and maintain employment
  • pay an all inclusive daily program fee

Review the Residency Requirements

Big journeys begin with small steps.

Other program benefits

  • safe, structured community environment fosters support
  • 9-month residency (recommended) provides time for intensive rehabilitation
  • ongoing assessment and referral requirements
  • foundational expectations of personal responsibility & accountability
  • volunteerism/community service requirements
  • emphasis on building relationships in the recovery community
  • curfew and pass requirements
  • on-site and community-based recovery meetings, counseling & additional rehabilitative requirements
  • random urinalysis (UA) and breath alcohol (BA) testing.