Rules of Residency

The Welcome House Rules of Residency are explained below.

Please download a copy of the Rules of Residency for your reference.

Rule 1: AA/NA Attendance and Sponsorship

Each resident is REQUIRED to attend Welcome House AA/NA meetings (held daily at 8am and 7pm).  All Welcome House meetings are MANDATORY for ALL residents within the Probation/ Assessment period.  If you are in the house and there is a meeting going on, be in that meeting! Once a resident has achieved Level 1 status, outside AA/NA meetings may be substituted for Welcome House meetings, but at least two (2) meetings per week MUST be a Welcome House meeting. When attending in-house meetings, the resident must present from the start of the meeting until the end of the meeting to receive credit.  When attending an outside meeting, the resident must turn in an “Outside Meeting Slip” signed by the meeting leader to receive credit.

Residents MUST obtain an out of house sponsor as a requirement of the Welcome House program.

Once a resident has attended ninety (90) meetings AND obtained a sponsor, the minimum attendance REQUIREMENT is four (4) meetings per week and at least two (2) must be Welcome House meetings (this includes Welcome House University classes or sessions).

For ALL court ordered residents, ALL Welcome House AA/NA meetings are MANDATORY while under court order.

While on pass, residents are EXPECTED to attend outside meetings and should consult with the office for assistance with meeting locations. For more information on local meetings visit or

New residents are REQUIRED to attend the following Welcome House University classes within their first thirty (30) days of residency:

  • New Resident Orientation
  • Sponsorship
  • What is a 12 Step Program?
  • Step 1: Surrender

Additional Welcome House University classes may also be required to successfully complete the program, or as directed by Management.

The monthly All House meetings are MANDATORY for all residents and are held the last Thursday of each month at 7:00PM, or as posted.

Mandatory meetings are just that – MANDATORY. If you are in the house and there is a meeting going on and you have not reached the ninety (90) meeting/sponsor requirement, YOU MUST GO TO THE MEETING!   Our position is:  those who feel they do not need AA/NA meetings are not serious about recovery and have no reason for being at the Welcome House.  Failure to comply with the meeting attendance requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 2: Use of Alcohol or Mind Altering Drugs

USE or POSSESSION of alcohol, mind altering drugs or drug paraphernalia in any form (including mouthwash, cough medicine, Kombucha, anything that contains alcohol, legally controlled drugs or substances and illegal drugs of all forms), WILL result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.  Residence may be discharged from the Welcome House program on the suspicion of using the above substances, at the discretion of Management.

Periodic urine and/ or breathe alcohol tests will be given as a requirement of the program and at the discretion of Management.  When asked to participate in a UA or BA, residents must do so immediately. Residents are required to remain in the lobby area until successful completion of the testing process. 

Refusing to take a UA or BA is considered and treated the same as testing positive and will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the program.

VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE:  Residents MAY voluntarily disclose to staff that they have used or drank.  The resident will be discharged and directed to go to a detox.  After completion of detox (or 7 days), the resident may reapply for admission.

POSITIVE UA OR BA: Residents who test positive on a drug screen or who show any level of intoxication on a breathalyzer MAY NOT apply for readmission for a minimum of thirty (30) days and WILL BE subject to additional admission requirements.

Rule 3: Program and Recovery Team Participation, Counseling and Referrals

Active program and recovery team participation, counseling sessions, referrals and adherence to program and recovery team direction are MANDATORY for ALL residents.

Lay counseling sessions and recovery coaching is provided through the Welcome House “Lay Counseling Program” and may be scheduled or directed by the desk staff.                            

In addition to the Lay Counseling Program, residents are required to meet with Program Staff regularly (as determined by Level and/ or staff) for check ins, counseling, and assessments. Failure to meet or schedule appointments with your Recovery Support Specialist, will result in disciplinary action.

Failure to comply with the program and recovery team participation, counseling and referrals requirement WILL result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 4: Employment

ALL residents are REQUIRED to be employed or actively seeking employment.  Unemployed residents are REQUIRED to be ready and leave the Welcome House by 9am daily to seek employment.  Unemployed residents MUST ATTEND the 8am AA/NA meeting and MUST LEAVE immediately following.  Unemployed residents on restriction MUST RETURN to Welcome House between 2pm – 5pm.

ALL unemployed residents are REQUIRED to participate in Jumpstart and/ or Welcome House created short term employment and day labor opportunities as a program requirement or as directed by Management.

Residents participating in the Jumpstart Program should discuss their eligibility and the program requirements with their assigned Recovery Support Specialist or the Operations Director.

Residents that receive disability compensation and cannot (or choose not) to work, MUST SECURE external volunteer opportunities or volunteer a minimum of 20 hrs. a week at the Welcome House. 

Failure to comply with the employment/volunteerism requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 5: Program Participation Fee or Rent (Room and Board)

The program participation fee, often referred to as “rent”, is $168.00 per week, paid in advance.  All Residents Must Remain a Minimum of One (1) Week ($168.00) Ahead on Program Participation Fees or Rent.  Residents that are unable to make advance payments in full, or that have fallen two (2) weeks behind in payment, may be REQUIRED to sign and comply with an ALTERNATE RENT PAYMENT PLAN as determined by ManagementJust as they are in life, personal accountability and responsibility are keys to successful recovery.  The Welcome House is here, “to carry the message of recovery, not to carry the alcoholic or addict”.

Failure to comply with the program participation fee or rent (room and board) requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 6: Restriction to the Welcome House Property

All residents are RESTRICTED to the house during the probation and assessment period (except to work or seek employment). To move from the probationary and assessment period All residents must meet with their Recovery Support Specialist, attend all the “First Four” Welcome House University Classes, and complete the clinical assessment and screenings. Until these requirements are met, the resident will remain on house restriction and probation. Residents on restriction can leave only to look for work starting at 9:00AM and are not allowed to return until 2:00PM (but must return no later than 5:00PM).  This is to seek active employment ONLY.

Exceptions may be approved for work, legal, PO, and medical appointments with a Director or Recovery Support Specialist approval.

ALL court ordered residents are RESTRICTED to the house FOR THE DURATION of the court order, except for work or to seek employment and as approved by the court.

ALL residents that are two (2) weeks behind in program participation fees (or rent) WILL BE RESTRICTED until payment is current (paid in advance). 

Failure to comply with the restriction requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 7: Gambling, Theft, Violence, Threatening Behavior, Vandalism or Any Unlawful Behavior

Gambling, theft, violence, threatening behavior, bullying, discrimination, vandalism (including the defacing of property) or ANY unlawful behavior in any form, will not be tolerated and WILL result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the Welcome House. This includes illegal downloading of copyrighted media (movies, music, files, etc.) from Welcome House Wi-Fi or any Welcome House owned devices. When applicable, the police WILL BE called, and all relevant information will be reported to the appropriate law-enforcement agencies. 

Rule 8: Prescription and Other Medications

All prescription medication MUST be identified and turned into the front desk upon admission.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

All medications are subject to management approval.  Prohibited medications include, but are not limited to, any type of narcotic medication, tranquilizers, benzodiazepines, opiates, amphetamines, and methadone.

Residents are REQUIRED to take ALL medications AS PRESCRIBED or AS INDICATED on the labelThe Welcome House is NOT responsible for the resident(s) medical or pharmaceutical care.

Failure to comply with the prescription and other medications requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Please note: Residents found to be, or suspected of, abusing over the counter (OTC) or prescribed, permitted medications WILL BE considered NON-COMPLIANT and subject to dismissal.

Rule 9: Curfew and Quiet Time

Residents are REQUIRED to observe house curfew and quiet time.  When curfew takes effect, hallway lights are turned off, TV Rooms are closed, and noise levels are to be at a “quiet level” in common areas and rooms.  The front door is locked and no access outside is permitted except for individuals leaving for work or coming in from work.  NO exceptions will be made to this policy.

Failure to comply and return to Welcome House by curfew is considered AWOL and the resident is voluntarily discharging themselves from Welcome House.

Curfew times are as follows, except if posted otherwise:

  • Sunday thru Thursday 10:30 PM – 5:00 AM
  • Friday and Saturday 12:00 AM (Midnight) – 5:00 AM
Rule 10: Weekend or Overnight Passes

Upon completion of the probationary period, and entering the full program at level one, residents are eligible to take advantage of the extended curfew in alignment with all other Welcome House rules. Residents will be eligible for a single overnight pass upon entering level two. Residents will be eligible for multiple overnight passes, but never to exceed 71 hours, upon entering level three. All passes are dependent on the resident being current program fees through the day they will return from the pass, in good standing, (meeting attendance, counseling, referrals, current UA on file), and approved by a member of the Recovery Care team (RSS, Program Director, Operations Director). All passes MUST be approved IN ADVANCE and IN PERSON.  You must sign out on pass with the front desk and give your expected date and time of return.  NO EXTENSIONS will be granted over the phone; you must return at the end of your pass.  Management can ONLY approve emergency pass requests or situations. Residents are still expected to meet the recovery meeting requirements while on the pass.

Court ordered residents are NOT eligible for passes while under court order without specific, written approval from the court or supervising agency (probation or parole).   

Failure to comply with the weekend or overnight pass requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 11: Sign In/Sign Out

ALL residents are REQUIRED to sign in/sign out when leaving or returning to the Welcome House (print first and last name and note time of departure/return). 

Failure to comply with the sign in/sign out requirement WILL result in DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 12: Dress Code and Personal Hygiene

ALL residents MUST be properly dressed in public areas (which include the first floor, the deck, the dining room and the hallways).  Being properly dressed means wearing shirts, pants or shorts and shoes.  Nudity is NOT allowed.  Residents MUST be covered at all times, except when changing clothes in their room.  Tank tops and pajamas or hospital scrubs are NOT allowed in the dining room.  Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or “wife beaters” are NOT PERMITTED in any public area, patio, or parking lot.


Residents are REQUIRED to shower daily and maintain personal hygiene.  New residents may request a hygiene pack from the front desk.  When available, financial assistance for laundry services may be requested with the desk staff.

Failure to comply with the dress code and personal hygiene requirement WILL result in disciplinary action.

Rule 13: Appliances/Electronics/Personal Belongings

Hot plates, coffee makers, refrigerators and microwaves are NOT PERMITTED in resident rooms or hallways.  ALL electronic devices are subject to Management approval and MUST be plugged into a surge protector to comply with KANSAS CITY FIRE REGULATIONS (surge protectors are available at the office for a fee).  ALL appliances and electronics MUST be turned off when not in use.  Failure to comply with the appliances and electronics requirement WILL result in disciplinary action.

Residents are responsible for their personal belongings and bring them to Welcome House at their own risk.  It is strongly suggested that you do not bring items of high value, as Welcome House is not liable for your personal belongings. This includes resident property in the Welcome House parking lot (i.e. cars, mopeds, or bicycles). 

Should you choose to leave the Welcome House or be dismissed, it is your responsibility to secure your personal belongings.  Any items left behind by a resident will be packed up and stored for 14 days.  After 14 days, all items left behind and not claimed will be considered abandoned and will be donated or disposed of. Welcome House is not liable or responsible for items abandoned as the result of any dismissal.

Rule 14: Elevator and Resident Phone

Elevator use is restricted to moving in/out or for medical conditions pre-approved by Management. 

The resident phone, located in the first floor stairwell, is available for local calls only.  All phone calls on the resident phone are limited to ten (10) minutes.  See the desk staff for usage details.  Residents are NOT PERMITTED to use any of the office phones (except in emergency situations). 

Failure to comply with the elevator and resident phone requirement WILL result in disciplinary action.

Rule 15: House and Resident Room Cleanliness

ALL residents are REQUIRED to help with house cleaning and chore activities, as listed on the weekly Duty Roster or as directed by Management.  Assigned chores must be completed daily.  Residents are REQUIRED to sign off on the chore at the front desk once the chore has been completed.  Failure to sign off on chore will be considered failure to complete the assigned chore. 

When on a pass, or otherwise unable to complete a chore, it is the resident’s responsibility to make arrangements for the chore to be completed. Resident rooms are to be kept clean, uncluttered and organized, beds made daily, floors vacuumed and linens laundered weekly.  Room inspections are conducted regularly. 

Failure to comply with the house and resident room cleanliness requirement WILL result in disciplinary action.

Rule 16: Privacy and Room Access/Search

Residents should expect MINIMAL privacy.  In most cases, residents share rooms with other residents.  The Welcome House reserves the right for staff to access rooms at ANY time deemed appropriate or necessary, and to search a room or residents personal belongings.  Failure to comply with a room or personal belongings search WILL result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.  Anything found that is against Welcome House rule or policy, or that is deemed dangerous to residents will be confiscated immediately.  Confiscation WILL result in disciplinary action and MAY include dismissal from the Welcome House.

Rule 17: Smoking/ Non-smoking

Welcome House is a NON-SMOKING facility.  Smoking is NOT PERMITTED anywhere inside the building(s) or Welcome House vehicles.  Residents that choose to smoke MUST do so outside (on the deck or inside the Smoking Pavilion).  Vaporizers ARE ONLY PERMITTED outside of the building and in designated areas (inside on the 2nd and 3rd floors). 

After curfew, outside access to smoke is limited and at the discretion of the desk staff.  Such access is a privilege and not a right.  Outside access is NOT PERMITTED between the hours of Midnight and 5a

Failure to comply with desk staff direction or the smoking/ non-smoking requirement WILL result in disciplinary action.

Rule 18: Vehicle and Vehicle Operation

Residents that elect to own, operate or park a vehicle on Welcome House property are REQUIRED to do so legally and MUST complete a Welcome House vehicle registration form.  Vehicles must be operational, appropriately titled, tagged and insured, and residents MUST have a valid driver’s license.  Vehicles that do not meet the above requirements ARE NOT ALLOWED to be operated or parked on Welcome House property, or to be operated by Welcome House residents, and may be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Failure to comply with the vehicle and vehicle operation requirement WILL result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL from the Welcome House.

Rule 19: Length of Program Residency

The mission of the Welcome House is to provide a “residential program to recovering alcoholic and drug-addicted men facing the difficult transition from treatment, incarceration and homelessness to integration back into society as productive citizens”. 

The Welcome House is NOT intended to be a long-term living solution for any resident.  The program consists of a 30 day probationary period followed by an eight (8) month core recovery program.  Under certain circumstances, a program residency extension of up to three (3) additional months may be available by application and requires formal approval.  Extensions are one (1) time ONLY, limited to 3 months MAXIMUM, require formal application and approval, and include an increased program participation fee (or rent) during the extension period.

Additional Acknowledgements, Understandings & Agreements

Court ordered residents that fail to comply with Welcome House rules, policies or program requirements will be discharged immediately and all appropriate parties will be notified (court, probation or parole officer, etc.). 

The Welcome House has a website that is updated regularly and actively uses other forms of printed or social media.  Photos and notes related to the Welcome House program, including events and certain activities, are frequently posted to these sites.  Residents are not required to participate or be included in these photos or other communications.  Residents that wish to be EXCLUDED must submit a request in writing (signed and dated) to Welcome House leadership.

Residents employed by the Welcome House or that participate in the Jumpstart program are considered to be participants in the Welcome House Rehabilitative Jobs Program.  Residents that fail to comply with the program and are discharged, including voluntary discharge without notice, will forfeit any accumulated earnings or compensation due them through their employment or participation in the Rehabilitative Jobs Program.

This revision of the resident rules supersedes all previous rules that have been issued. The Welcome House, Inc. reserves the right to interpret, change, suspend, amend, cancel, or dispute with or without notice all or any part of our policies and procedures at any time. We will notify all residents of these changes. Changes will be effective on the dates determined by Welcome House, Inc., and after those dates all superseded policies will be null.

Off-site Work & Volunteer – Code of Conduct

Remember, when you are on a job (or volunteer opportunity) coordinated by the Welcome House – you represent the Welcome House.  Participants in these activities are REQUIRED to comply with the following:


  • Be on-time, introduce yourself, work hard and complete the job. Be polite, courteous and respectful of the Client and Client’s property at all times.  Work safely, and be aware of your work environment.  Follow the instruction / direction provided by Welcome House Management and or the Client (while on-site).
  • If additional work is requested, or there are significant changes in the original agreement, refer the Client to Welcome House Management. DO NOT schedule additional work directly with the Client.
  • DO NOT use your cell phone (talk, text or internet) while at work. Cell phone use is restricted to the lunch break.
  • Clean-up after yourself. DO NOT leave trash or litter at the Client site (collect it and take it to an off-site trash can for disposal).
  • Do only as you are instructed. You are not there to act as a consultant and your opinions or suggestions are not appropriate unless specifically requested.
  • If there is a reason that you feel you cannot complete the job as requested, contact Welcome House Management for direction.
  • Wear clothing appropriate for the specific task or opportunity. If you have any question about what is appropriate, please ask Welcome House Management for direction.
  • DO NOT contact the Client directly (except when on-site and specific to the task-at-hand). DO NOT call or text the Client, before or after the job, unless specifically instructed to do so by Welcome House Management.
  • Use the restroom prior to arriving at the site (DO NOT ask to use a Client’s bathroom and DO NOT go into a Client’s home unless specifically instructed to do so). Over the lunch break (or in an emergency) go to the nearest public restroom if necessary.
  • If you smoke, ask the Client for permission to do so first. Smoke breaks should be kept to a minimum (1 smoke break every two hours).  DO NOT leave cigarette butts at the Client site (put them in an empty can and take them to an off-site trash can for disposal).
  • You are REQUIRED to disclose and immediately provide ALL payments to Management. If you are behind on rent, ALL earnings (including tips) MUST be applied toward your rent obligation (as determined by Management).
  • Welcome House vehicles, tools and/ or equipment must be cleaned and returned to the Welcome House daily.
  • You are not to use the Welcome House vehicles for anything other than the specific assignment (transportation to and from the job site, with no stops or deviations except as pre-approved by Management).
  • BE GRATEFUL – Client’s that hire the Welcome House are SUPPORTING the Welcome House and YOU. They don’t have to do this.  Please make sure that they know how grateful we are for their support!
Welcome House Etiquette
  • Clothes Closet- Use of the closet to be determined by house staff or clothes closet supervisor. Please help maintain a clean and orderly closet by using clothes hangers and stacking folded clothes neatly. Take only what you need and leave what you don’t for the next guy.
  • Bus Passes/Love Fund- Bus passes are for new residents only DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY. Two (2) free single ride passes per day for the first two (2) weeks of residency, and $.75 per pass for the third week of residency only. Request for passes are to be made as the resident is leaving for the day. No advance passes will be issued. Love fund is reserved for new residents for laundry, hygiene, or bus fare when house bus passes are unavailable.
  • Late Plates- Late plates are to be ordered no later than 30 min. before the kitchen closes, and are reserved for residents who at work during dinner service or per management. Breakfast late plates are not available. One (1) sack lunch per resident a day will be available during scheduled kitchen hours.
  • Personal Belongings- The Welcome House is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal property. Be advised not to buy, sell, trade, or loan personal belongings of value (cell phones, electronics, clothing, etc.) to other residents.
  • Proper Use of the Front Desk- One resident at the office door at a time to receive assistance from the desk staff (i.e. pay rent, medication, etc.). The members of the desk staff are fully knowledgeable and are enabled to enforce all the house rules.
  • AA/NA Meetings/Welcome House University- Residents must stay the entire duration of the meeting/class to receive credit. Absolutely NO cell phone use during meeting/class (i.e. texting, calls, candy crush etc.). Common curtesy should be extended to all class instructors and meeting leaders; crosstalk should be kept to a minimum.