Sara Jackson

Sara has worked in the field of addiction recovery since 2008 and currently serves as Clinical Director of Assessment and Treatment Services for Heartland Regional Alcohol and Drug Assessment Center (RADAC). As a licensed Clinical Social Worker in Kansas and Missouri, she is committed to serving those affected by the impact of substance use.

Additionally, Sara is part of the Behavioral Health Access Team in local emergency departments and teaches as an adjunct professor at Kansas City Kansas Community College in the Addiction Sequence.

Sara believes that recovery is person-driven and that taking steps toward recovery requires great courage and is based on respect. She especially appreciates that Welcome House offers residents the opportunity to develop a positive and meaningful sense of identity.

“Recovery emerges from hope and recovery is real,” she says. “This belief provides the essential and motivating message of a better future—that people can and do overcome the internal and external challenges, barriers, and obstacles that confront them.”