WH Healthy Recovery

Welcome House is committed to supporting residents in a healthy recovery. When an individual is recovering from  substance use disorder, lifestyle changes in diet and exercise can have a significantly positive effect on overall health and a successful recovery.

Healthy nutrition is integrated in the Welcome House Core Recovery Program through a variety of ways – through healthy dining options, educational opportunities, and access to many resources for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome House has a full-time chef who plans and prepares fresh and healthy menus to support residents in achieving and maintaining sobriety in short-term recovery. They also benefit from additional knowledge, training, and practical support to draw upon in long-term recovery.

Visit the Welcome House Recovery Resources pages to learn more about health and nutrition in recovery, helpful tips, and recipes.

In-kind donations support healthy lifestyles in recovery

Welcome House always appreciates in-kind donations of healthy foods to support its healthy recovery initiatives. We welcome donations of the following types of items from grocers, local farmers, restaurants, and other suppliers:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy including fresh milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Grains including rice, pasta, and whole-grain breads.

To arrange drop-off or pick-up of donated items, please call 816-472-0760.

Thanks to our many community partners!