Welcome House Healthy Recovery Resources

The Healthy Recovery Resources pages contain helpful information and other resources to support our current residents, Welcome House graduates, and anyone seeking to learn more about healthy recovery.

Please reach out if Welcome House can assist you in any way by calling 816-472-0760 or email info@welcomehousekc.org.

Recovery Nutrition Program

Welcome House launched the Recovery Nutrition Program to support residents in a healthy recovery. With a full-time chef who plans and prepares fresh and healthy menus, residents have access to nutrient-rich foods that support their efforts to achieve and maintain sobriety in short-term recovery. They also benefit from additional knowledge, training, and practical support to draw upon in long-term recovery.

Our chef also teaches on-site Nutrition in Recovery classes for residents which focus on healthy food choices, grocery shopping, and reading nutrition labels.

Healthy Diet in Recovery

A balanced diet and healthy eating habits are important for those recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. Knowing what kinds of foods to include in your daily meals is essential. Here are some basic guidelines to help support a healthy diet.

Recipes in Recovery

Here is a collection of resident favorites prepared by our resident chef at Welcome House. These are dishes that are easy-t0-prepare and contain nutritious ingredients that are known to:

  • strengthen the immune system
  • rebuild damaged tissue and organs
  • help the body regain proper functioning of gastrointestinal and nervous systems.

Helpful Links

Below is a list of resources to learn more about healthy recovery.