Court Ordered Recovery

The criminal justice system plays a unique role in helping people affected by alcohol or drug abuse. Courts can influence offenders by requiring participation in substance abuse or mental health treatment. The requirements of court-ordered addiction treatment vary depending on jurisdiction and the severity of a person’s addiction.

The Welcome House Court Ordered Recovery Program has proven to be an effective recovery resource. More than 70% of participants have satisfied the courts requirements, as well as adhered to the Welcome House requirements and successfully completed the program.

For this reason, courts and jurisdictions throughout the Kansas City metropolitan and surrounding areas have utilized the Welcome House program as an effective, recovery based alternative to incarceration.

“From time to time, I meet people who basically tell me that I saved their lives by sending them to Welcome House. I know the Welcome House program works, and when someone tells me that Welcome House saved their life, I get this wonderful feeling that can only come from doing a good thing.”

-Judge Vernon E. Scoville, Retired, 16th Circuit court of Jackson County, MO

“Even though I was court ordered to Welcome House for a full 60 days, I feel like it was the best half of my 120 day sentence. I learned and grew a lot in my time here.”

Chris W., former court ordered resident